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ou might think that you will never need a Bulgarian translator.  Think again! Bulgaria is a small Balkan country, which is eager to become part of the global market. The people in this country are highly educated, especially in the technical fields. They are very interested in the Internet, but most Internet access fees cost as much as an average Bulgarianís monthly salary.  Bulgaria is looking to the West for opportunity and assistance, and is providing excellent incentives for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

If you are ready to invest in Bulgaria, there are a few things, which you must consider. Bulgarians speak Bulgarian and use a Cyrillic alphabet, and you and your staff most probably do not.  Bulgaria has different laws, different currency, different metric system, different way to record dates and times, and even different transportation.  Have you ever traveled in a trolley or in a tram? You will, if you visit the City of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

If you are serious about doing business in Bulgaria, you will need to get a few cross cultural tips. Please contact us and we will help you with your business needs.

Sofia Zneimer


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